Getting close to a business name

Finding my business name

Ooh, this finding a name for your business is tricky stuff, isn’t it?

I did my cloud exercise like Andrea from Brand and Bloom told me to.  I had all the thoughts I wanted people to have about my business.  The feelings I want people to feel around my business. And then…. Nothing.  No-thing.  I mean, at all!

Where did all my mojo go? Thoughts and feelings around my brand – check.  Growing the philosophy behind my business – check.  How I want to structure my business – check.  Business name…. not so much.

When I used to work in a toy store years ago, every Christmas we would get all this new stock that we would have to try and make fit on the shelves.  Our running joke was “If it doesn’t fit, force it.”  Naming my creative business is like the exact opposite.  The more I try to think of names – the worse the ideas get. 

Some of them are real stinkers!

I always thought this was the easy part.  The fun part.  Who knew it could be this tough?  I thought the branding exercise would make it easier.  I think I am really worried about it being “the right one”.  The “right fit” for all these super clear ideas I have about my business now.  I need not just a good name.  Not just the right name.  I want the “Perfect” name.

So I decided to just let it sit.  To float around in my head for a bit.  So I just went about my day as usual.  If an idea popped into my head, I just wrote it down then went back to what I was doing before.  I didn’t sit down and start pouring over it, trying to force the ideas to flow.  I just wrote down what I needed to, then walked away.

After 2 weeks it clicked.  One popped into my head and I knew that was it.

So first thing I did was check if the domain name was available.  Oh come on, you’ve got to be kidding me.  The damn thing was already taken!  Can you believe it?

So I tried out a few versions and ooh…. I like those even better.

I am now tossing up between 2 slightly different names.  Each time I think about them, I have a new favourite.  But that’s okay.

I’m going to let it float around for a bit.  I know it will come to me.

♥ Coral.

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