Finding time

I’ve got some audios from Goddess Leonie’s World’s Biggest Summit – lots of delicious information but where do I find the time to fit it all in?

A-HA!  My hubby put a new stereo in my car a few months ago – and it has a USB connection. So I put the audio’s on a spare USB we had and have plugged it in to my stereo.

I travel an hour and a half a day to get to work.  Forty five minutes there and another forty five minutes back.  Blech.  Such wasted time and it annoys me.  Sometimes I wish I caught the train so I could read books or write ideas down.  Now, with my audios on the USB, I can do something useful with the time.  I’ve turned my car into a moving university.

Suddenly, I’ve added one and a half hours of extra time I can devote to my new creative business.  I can’t do online courses, read books or check blogs – but I can listen to MP3s of interviews with amazing, powerful women and mentors.  I can learn.  I can be inspired.  And do it all in time that I used to feel was wasted. 

Do you have audios sitting in your computer or you’ve seen them on a blog but didn’t download them because you just didn’t have time to listen to them? Find a way.

Put it on a USB and listen to it on your work computer during your lunch break.  Put it on a CD and listen to it in your car on the way to and from work.  Put it on an MP3 player and listen to it while you are doing your daily walk or while you watch the kids at sports practice.

I am so excited about finding this time – and sort of kicking myself that I didn’t think of it earlier.  In my defence, I am still getting used to using this stereo.  To find this much extra time is like a pressure valve being eased off.  To not feel rushed and forced to try and find snippets of time to squeeze these interviews into my learning time.  Trying to fit them in, somewhere.  To not have them sitting on my computer, wasted.  To not be irritated by that daily wasted time in the car.

Speaking of interviews… 

I am super excited about my interview with Andrea from Brand & Bloom on Branding.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, CLICK HERE. 

You can even download it to your computer. Or put it on a USB.  Or CD.  Or MP3 player.

♥ Coral

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  1. {tinniegirl} says:

    Great idea Coral. I’ve been wanting to listen to the summit interviews too and not finding the time. I didn’t realise I could download them for when I do have time. Thanks for the tip.

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