Creative Business Coaching Wrap Up – Part 3

Creative Business Coaching

with Andrea from Brand & Bloom – Part 3

In Part 1, I let you know what I was thinking when I chose to do some Creative Business Coaching and some of the questions Andrea asked me.

Part two, I shared the trick Andrea taught me in defining your brand.

In the third session, Andrea got down to business basics.  It’s not enough to just love what you do or to be creative and I think I am aware of that to a certain degree.

I’ve been studying business on and off for  13 years.  I’m actually quite square (a straight laced person), so I think I have the right personality to go into business.  Even though I thought I had a good idea about the areas she addressed like profitability, marketing, brand culture and product development – she still gave me lots of new things to think about in these areas.

Andrea explained each topic simply and clearly – one of the things that drew me to her in the first place.  She gave me some ideas to consider for each topic – there were 1o in total.  Even as we were talking, I was thinking about how I want to structure the business – in the big picture. How I wanted to do things in each area we were discussing.

She also asked me to look at the areas I was a bit worried about.  Time was a big one.  I need to work smart because I am doing this while working full time.  Andrea emphasized how important it is to prioritize your tasks.  Her best tip – Do the task that is going to give you the biggest return first.  You can feel and be super busy but not actually be getting anywhere. Not doing anything productive that is moving you forward.  I’ve found that happening, even at this early stage – so this little snippet was really helpful and I am already noticing the difference.  A big difference.  A good difference.  I’m doing smaller actions but they are moving me forward so much faster.  Why didn’t anyone tell me this little trick before????

Another area of concern for me was knowledge.  There are so many amazing blogs and online courses – I feel like I need to quit my day job, just to fit them all in!  There is just some much to learn.  I’m choosing the best ones, the ones I feel I can’t miss out on – and the rest will just have to pass.   The same with books I want to read, email newsletters I want to join, audios I want to listen to, Twitter people I want to follow etc.  Many business seminars I’ve been to in the past have said it is easy to get bogged down in learning and the feeling of not knowing enough.  It’s important to start – I’ve been told that is where you learn and grow so much more – so that is what I am doing now.  Doing things that will get my creative business up and running.

I know that is a big part for me.  Having the courage to start.  Knowing that I don’t have to know everything before I start.  That I can learn along the way.  That I can’t possibly learn everything.

Andrea also asked me to look at my skills that I can bring to the business and knowing how I work.  What is it with us girls – we so often under value what we do.  We start sentences with, “I just”.  We say things like  “I just do office work”. “I just do art journals”.

I run an office at my day job.  I wrangle sales people, the boss, various other office staff in different departments.  Every heard the saying “It’s like herding cats?”  That’s what my day job is.  I do hundreds, if not thousands of different tasks each day.  I have people coming at me constantly with all sorts of questions – I’m the “Go To Girl”.  That’s gotta come in handy for something once I start my business, right?

Now I’m looking at what I do in my day job in a whole new light.  What I feel confident to handle in my business because I already do something similar in my day job.  When I really start looking at it, I know lots of stuff!

I’m so glad I had the courage to take up Andrea’s coaching offer.

I wouldn’t be moving forward the way I am without Andrea.  I would still be fumbling around – learning, learning, learning.  Fussing about with stuff that made me feel like I was doing “something” but actually getting me nowhere in a hurry.  Doing “something” but really doing nothing. 

I’m now making big steps.   Steps in the right direction.  Big, bold steps.  And the creative coaching with Andrea has helped me do that.

Stay tuned….

I’ve got something special to share with you…..

♥ Coral.

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  1. Andrea says:

    Your posts are super kind! I am SO glad you enjoyed your sessions with me, the feeling is mutual 🙂


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