Creative Business Coaching Wrap Up – Part 2

Creative Business Coaching

with Andrea from Brand & Bloom – Part 2

In Part 1, Andrea from Brand & Bloom got to know me, where I am at with my business and where I want to go.  Where I want to take it.  How I want it to grow.

In our second session, I got to ask her the questions.  So I asked her the bits that are really vague and confusing for me and probably for others just starting out too.  Branding and Marketing.  Da da dum dum. (ominous sound effect).

Her suggestion was to work on your brand identity from the words you want your customers to use when talking about your business.  Think of the feelings you want them to have about your products.

She suggested drawing a cloud in the centre of a page, with the words and feelings coming out from that as individual mini clouds.  She said it is more freeing and lets the ideas flow better than just doing a list on a lined piece of paper.  This technique worked surprisingly well for me.  It really clarified what I want my brand to be and also gave me a more focused direction for my “creative thing”.

Her idea is your logo, tagline and signature colours are just the covers of the book to your brand.  How you treat your customers, the quality of your product, the way you describe your product, the way you package your product are all pages within the book.  Once you know your brand clearly, this should be in the back of your mind with every decision you make about your business.  Every decision.  Is this opportunity or decision in line with my brand?  Is how I do “this thing” with my business in line with what my brand is?

Doing my “homework” with the cloud really focused what I want my brand to be.   When I first started working on my “creative thing” – when I first decided I was going to do this – I had a general idea on what I wanted to do.  While learning as much as I can and finding people to learn from, that original idea has morphed slightly and (I think) for the better.  Doing the cloud branding exercise really helped to sharpen the focus on that new direction.

Andrea emphasized how important it is to be super clear on your brand and doing this cloud exercise not only made my ideas on branding clear, it has also made me feel very strongly that this is the right direction to go in.  That I am on the right track.  Where my ideas were really fuzzy and general when I started this adventure, they are now super sharp and have a definite direction.  A direction that feels important to me. That has ideals behind it, not just the product.  My “Creative Thing” has a philosophy behind it, which now makes it feel so much more like what I am trying to do matters.  

So I am feeling even more excited about this adventure now.  I feel like this is more than just “having a go” at starting a business.  More than just trying to develop my “Creative Thing”.  Now, it’s got values behind it.  Belief behind it.  Philosophy behind it.  It has meaning.  For me and for my potential customers.

I had no idea when I started my creative coaching sessions that I would get so much clarity about what I wanted to do. I could never have imagined that it could take me here.  To this place of clarity.  Of purpose.

Stay tuned….

For Part 3 and a special surprise (You are going to love it!)

♥ Coral.

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