Creative Business Coaching Wrap Up – Part 1

Creative Business Coaching

with Andrea from Brand & Bloom – Part 1

Before I started my creative business coaching I didn’t know what to expect, what I would get out of it, if it was right for me or if now was the right time to do it. 

I’d come across about 5 people offering creative business coaching of some sort through Twitter.  Since I began this adventure of starting a creative business, I have followed whatever felt good, whatever felt right.  I’ve been using that as my guide in all my choices.  So the people I didn’t click with were struck off my list straight away – regardless of what their reputation was or how good their information was.  Other girls I really wanted to work with – but at $250 for 1 hour, it seemed a lot, especially when I didn’t know what to expect.  That was a  big cash commitment.  To be honest, I didn’t think I was ready.  I didn’t think I wasn’t far enough along in my business.  But the whole way along, the universe has sent me things before I thought I was ready and it has made me take the leap forward to the next step.

When Andrea from Brand and Bloom was offering 1 month of coaching for $75, I decided to take a chance.  She was reducing her rate to prove what she had to offer.  At that price, I felt it was worth the risk.  I was willing to lose $75 if it wasn’t for me.  If it didn’t work out.  Andrea is one of the girls I was following on Twitter.  One of the girls I was really clicking with.  Her tweets are easy to understand – great tips for beginners.  They are really clear and simple.  She seemed so down to earth and approachable.  Before I knew it (and before I had time to chicken out), I had sent her an email to arrange our coaching.

Andrea sent me a questionnaire to see where I was at with my business and how I saw my business 1 year from now, 5 years from now, 10 years from now.  She also asked how I saw doing my business in certain areas.

When you are starting off, no matter how supportive your friends and family are, you can feel like you are doing this all on your own.  I know I do sometimes.

To talk to someone who has been there, done that and who works solely with people in the creative field has been so valuable.  To just talk to someone who “gets it’.

During our Skype call, Andrea gave me feedback on my answers to the questionnaire.  At the end of the first session, I felt like I was actually a lot closer to launching my business than I thought I was.  Andrea let me know I actually had a good handle on the basics.  After 13 years of learning, some of it must have sunk in – hey?  She also thought my “creative thing’ was a good idea.  Woo Woo! She said I was quite clear on my point of difference to others in the same field which was important.   She sounded really excited for me and for my ideas.  To get that confidence, encouragement and re-assurance gave me a great boost. 

After that first session – I was feeling more confident in my ideas for my “creative thing”.  I had clearer ideas on what I wanted my business to be, how to structure it, how to look at the starting point as well as the big picture for the future.  I had a realistic view of what this could be.  Being clearer about it all gave me more confidence that this fuzzy idea could become a reality.  That I can do this.  That this is right for me.  That I can make this happen. 

Stay tuned….

For Part 2, Part 3 and a special surprise (can’t wait to share this with you!)

♥ Coral.

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