You gotta spend some money, honey

You gotta spend some money, honey.

Sooner or later, if you are going to start a business, you will need to spend some money.  Scary stuff.  Learning doesn’t have to cost anything, but to get the really good stuff, – the juicy stuff with all the nitty gritty details, I think you need to  be willing to go the extra step and buy a course of some sort.  You don’t have to buy lots, just choose one that really clicks with you. You get the information you are looking  for and it lets you move forward – to the next step. I have bought some online courses.   A blogging course from Yaro Starak. A creative business course from Kelly Rae Roberts.

I am discovering you can overload on learning though – it can feel like you are making progress, when really you are stuck in that stage of learning.  Maybe I have used that as the reason (or excuse?) for not moving forward before – because I felt like I still had so much to learn.  That I needed to know more, to know EVERYTHING before I could move onto turning my idea in to reality and really making it happen.  Yes, you need to educate yourself.  But you will eventually get to a point where you want to move forward and make your Big Wild Crazy Dream a reality.  And to do that, you are going to have to put that learning into practice.  Which means you are going to have to part with some cash.  Hard earned cash.  Oh, boy. 

I am coming to the point where to learn what I need to learn, to start creating my product,  to start building a business, to have a product and to launch – I need to start spending money.  Like everyone else, this is freaking me out a bit.  Why?

  • Am I spending money on this instead of something “more important” – Like bills, maintenance on the house or putting it into our savings account.
  • I feel like I am committing a large amount of money up front.  A large percentage of my total budget.  Feeling like I can’t ‘mess this up’ because I don’t have more cash in reserve to start from scratch.  For a do over.   I’ve got to get it right the first time.  No pressure!
  • I guess I am scared of spending the money with no guarantee it will work, or that I will even make my money back.  Is this testing my faith in myself?  My idea?  My abilities?  I know life has no guarantees, but I can’t help it – I still want one.
  • I don’t want to resent spending the money – especially after the eBay incident.  Is this challenging my mental commitment to this?  To have the guts to try again?
  • Is this also challenging my commitment to the work I will have to put in once I have my product in my hands?  That next step.  The promotion and putting it ‘out there’?  To finding my “right people”, building my “community”.  To experimenting to find the right place and time for what I am creating?
  • I say I really want this.  Talking about it, learning about it – it’s all very different to actually doing it.  Do I have the guts to do this?  Am I in love with doing this or just the idea of this?
  • Am I too impatient to give this a proper chance to build momentum and find an audience?  Am I going to be disappointed if I don’t sell out on the first day? Will I give up too early?  Will I know what to do if my first attempts don’t work?

I am on a limited budget like most artists starting out, but I know I need to spend what I do have to bring this big wild crazy dream into a reality.  So I need to spend purposefully.  To know when it is better to pay more for quality vs being cheap and not getting the results I truly want, just for the sake of saving a few dollars.  To start small  with my products – so I can make adjustments where I need to before making a bigger financial commitment.

I’ve spent some money on Creative Business Coaching with Brand and Bloom and I feel like I have made a big leap forward – like it has sped up my progress.  I believe, money well spent. The ideas around building a brand, what I want my business to look like are all so much clearer now – and it has given me a much more focused direction.  I am more confident in my ideas and what I want the next step to be.  I am so happy I spend some of my funds here.

I am waiting on my graphic designer to finish their current project, so I can start working with them – this is going to be a significantly bigger outlay – which makes me a little nervous.  But I’ve chosen them because they have the style I am looking for to help me build my product.  They are more expensive than my local designer, but I think their style fitting with what I want to do is worth the extra cost.  I think by them having the style I want, it wont need as many adjustments or lengthy explanation – which will mean less expense in the long run.  It will also free up my time to work on other aspects of my business and also make the process faster.  Again – I think this is worth the extra money.

Are you close to starting your business?  Are you stopping your progress by not being ready to spend money yet?  I’ve made peace with this part of it.  You can start a business on a small budget, but you can’t start it for free.  If I spend my money wisely, where I will get the best value – it doesn’t seem so scary or risky.  More a calculated risk.  And a risk I am willing to take to make my big wild crazy dream a reality.

♥ Coral.

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