Being A Beginner Is Awesome

“Being a beginner is an awesome place to be” –

I read this post on Makeness about being a beginner.  One of the sentences that really resonated with me was the one above.  That being a beginner is an awesome place to be.  I also think it is an important place to be.

I’ll admit there are days where I feel super excited, invincible and like this is all coming together exactly how it should.  That this amazing adventure is opening up in front of me and every day I get a little glimpse of what is to come.  I see what possibilities lie within my idea, where it could lead, how it could grow.

There are other days where I can get overwhelmed by all the people ahead of me who are already doing what I want to do.  I wonder how to find my place amongst them.  How to be found and seen when I launch.  Sometimes, I feel like I need to quit my day job just to have the time to read all the blog posts, do all the courses and put everything into practice to make this happen.  Yet I am trying to do it while working full time.  I am trying to learn as much as I can, while still allowing time to actually put it into practice as well as share it on CWB.

One of the other phrases in the post was “[things] would not be possible without new blood and new ideas constantly entering the marketplace”.  Having been an arty crafty girl for over 13 years, I have seen how new artists and new businesses have really expanded and grown certain craft trades into what they are today.  They have broken new ground that already established artists weren’t doing before.  They have introduced new products, new techniques, new styles, new ideas.

I’ve also seen new businesses and artists who started small and have watched them grow and change and expand over time.  The style they started with maybe isn’t where they are today.  The products they started with have evolved so much from where they first began.

I remind myself that they weren’t the signature artists I know now when they first started.  They were nervous and finding their way, just as I am now.  They couldn’t possibly have known how they would grow and change when they first started.  They didn’t start with an empire.  They didn’t start with everything perfect.  But they did start.

I am excited about being a beginner.  I am excited about where this can take me.  And I know to experience all this I just need to do one thing….

Have the courage to be a beginner. 

Have the courage to start.

♥ Coral.

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