Choosing my business name

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet

I am working on a business name for my “creative thing”.  Talking with Andrea from Brand and Bloom, she told me the name should be one of the last things you do with your business. 

Er, did she say LAST?

Her view is that you should identify what you business is, the types of words you want people to use when they describe your business and how your business will make them feel.  Then work on the things like business name, tagline and developing your brand to fit in with that vision.  Isn’t that funny – most of us want to do it the other way around.  Think of some catchy, witty, clever name and then work on the other “stuff”, trying to force it to fit together.  Trying to make it match.

So in the spirit of sharing everything with you –

Here is what I have for my “creative thing” so far:

Words they use.  Elegant.  Beautiful.  Classic.  Feminine.  Rich.  Luscious.

How they feel.  Empowered . Encouraged.  Talented.  Accomplished.  Artistic.

So I know what I want my product to be, the spirit of the product and how I want my potential customers to feel when they use my product.  I am really surprised how much clearer my ideas are after doing this.  I have something to base my ideas around.

Now I need to find some words, themes and names that will go with these ideas…….  Ooh, I feel a brainstorming session coming on….

♥ Coral.


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