Fighting the fear of failure

Why I am scared to fail….again

I had my second coaching call with Andrea from Brand and Bloom creative business coaching this week.

One of the things that it brought up for me was my fear of failing.  While most of us have that fear somewhere in the back of our mind, for me it was more personal than that.

This is a really big share for me.  It’s hard to share it with you, but I think it is important.  Why?  Because I need to deal with it and put it to bed – maybe sharing it here will help with that.  Because in starting my creative business, I am finding the courage to try again. I think that is going to be really important for me  get my head around it in this new adventure.

A couple of years ago I tried to start a business on eBay.  I spent about 750 hours in one year on top of working full time trying to make it work.  I did 3 day workshops, studied a very expensive course, researched for hours, tracked down wholesalers – basically did everything the trainers had told me to do.   And because I was so excited about it, I told everyone what I was doing.  I followed all the steps that were supposed to create a business for me that would allow me to quit my day job.  At the end of the year, I basically broke even.  Yes, I learned a lot.  But it hurt.  I mean really hurt.  I’d failed.  And everyone knew it.

So one of the things that got brought up in my first call with Andrea was what had happened.  Andrea’s comment was that I sounded a little bitter about it – it sounds harsh as I write it here but she said it really nicely.  It shocked me a little when I heard it but as I thought about it, I realized she was right.  I was still confused, angry, frustrated and yes, a little bitter.

On the call I had with Andrea this week, that was one thing I brought up with her.  Will the same thing happen again?  If my art and products don’t set the world on fire instantly, will I give up? How long do I persist?  Will I have the courage to push through – to give it a proper chance to succeed?  To be smart enough to try different ways of promoting it to find my right audience – my tribe.  To change my product ideas and keep trying until the right thing clicks.  She gave me some ideas on how to work through some of these things when I launch the business and I am feeling much better about this part of my adventure than I was before our call.

They say failure is the best way to learn.  So I will take my lessons with me into this new adventure, but will try to leave the fear of failing again behind me.  I know there will be times when the courage disappears and the fear may come creeping back – but I will do my best to…

Face the fear and do it anyway

♥ Coral.


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3 Responses to Fighting the fear of failure

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  2. Well done Coral, it’s such a hard slog when you’re passionate about what you do and things just don’t seem to work out. And well done for staying strong even during the hard times. Sometimes we all need a little reminder that these so called “overnight successes,” have been busting their guts for alot longer than we think. To learn from experience, and to keep going, shows a strength of character that defines you as a strong & passionate person, and that’s what will help you succeed at the end of the day 🙂

    • Coral says:

      Thank you Vicki. We often hear about people who have gone from beginner to overnight success. They make it sound so easy and we want the same for ourselves. For every person who has this success, there are many others who have taken years to grow and learn to get to “that place” of success. Thank you for your beautiful words for those of us who have tried and failed and have gotten up to try again. Big Hugs – Coral.

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