I’ve been hiding from you

I’ve been hiding from you

I’ve been hiding myself from you.  Not deliberately.  I think I have been busy sharing with you what I know and what I am learning.  But I’ve been hiding myself from you.  Why is that?

This is a bit scary – this whole “turning my big, wild, crazy dream into reality”.  Sharing it all with you is scary.  Sharing me, my feelings, my progress is scary.  It’s like an extra push  too – you can’t back out or make excuses because you are sharing this with a whole bunch of other women who have wanted to do this too.  Who want to see how you do it.  I can’t just back out.  I can’t just give up.  And I don’t want to – I’ve wanted this for so long.  I don’t want to feel like I will never get to live the dream I’ve had for most of my adult life.  I don’t want to feel like other people get to live their dream, but I can’t.

And I know it’s what you want to hear.  You want to know how I am feeling – the real stuff.  The days where I take a little step forward or a huge leap of faith.  The days where all my plans go out the window.  Or where it all goes sideways.  The days where I cry happy tears.  The days where I throw a tantrum in my lounge room.  The days where I use really bad swear words.

So from know on, you will get more of Me.  I hope that me sharing my more personal stuff somehow helps you with your own big, wild, crazy dream.  That it inspires you or gives you courage or makes you feel like you aren’t alone.  I hope you will share your victories and challenges with me the same way I am sharing mine with you.  Let’s do this together.

♥ Coral.

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