Myth vs Reality

Stand by Me (1986)

The best line from one of my favourite childhood movies “Stand By Me” is

Chopper was my first lesson in the vast difference between myth and reality.

Reading various arty girls and creative business girls blog posts, I am discovering that the MYTH of being an arty girl working for yourself isn’t what it seems from the outside.

On the outside, with us new girls looking up at them for inspiration, we see them as having it all worked out, living a charmed life.  Our dream life.  They make it look easy.  Almost effortless.  You can feel they are more talented than you.  That they know the secret you don’t.  Like they are part of a special club that you desperately want to join.

In REALITY they are learning  as they go along, just like us.  They have days where things don’t go to plan.  They aren’t the Wonder Woman we have built them up to be.  They are arty girls – just like us.  They are just further along in their journey than we are.  They are making mistakes, discovering new things, finding their way, growing and learning too.

I think these walls coming down helps me see I can do this. We can all do this…

It IS possible. 

There IS room for all of us.  

We are sisters.  A sisterhood.

  We don’t have to try to do this alone.

Find your tribe.

Believe in yourself


♥ Coral

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  1. {tinniegirl} says:

    beautifully said, and so true. thanks.

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