What can your ideal customer tell you?

You know your ideal customer.  Now how do you find them and what can they tell you?

Where do they hang out online? If you know where your ideal customer spends their time online, this can give you a few advantages.  You can find out what products they already like and use, what products they want but can’t find, who their favourite artists and companies are, how they speak (their phrases and terminology).  Where, oh where can they be?  Are they on a Yahoo group?  Are they hanging out in forums?  What are the blogs they look at every day and comment on?

What products they already like.  The people your customers are already buying from are your competitors.  Who are the top 3 people your customers follow and buy from?  What is it that draws your customers to them?  What products do they like?  What products are being promoted as the hot new thing that isn’t being loved by your potential customers?  What products are they asking for that aren’t available?  How do they like shopping with your competitors – do they love the product, hate the service?  What are your competitors doing right?  Where can you do better than your competitors?

How to get your product in front of them.  You can scatter stuff everywhere and hope some of it finds the right person.  But if you know where they hang out, you can target them directly.  One message in a newsgroup of 1,000 people is pretty powerful stuff.  Especially when all of the 1,000 people are in a group that likes a specific thing – YOUR specific thing.

How they think & talk.  Using the same language as your customer will help you connect with them, instead of seeming like an outsider.  What are the terms they use when talking about the products they like?  Often a product is given a nickname or a shorter term to make it quicker to type.  Sometimes they have a lingo all their own.  How you talk about your own artwork or product could either make them love your or hate you also.  What other artists do they like?  Artists who have a detailed philosophy on the whole thing, or a more no-nonsense kind of vibe?  Do your customers want things that make them feel like an individual?  Do they want to feel connected to you? Do they want inspiration, practicality, uniqueness?

All these things can only help you with your creative business.

Secret Tip: A great tip I came across recently was this:  Do not under estimate the power of Mommy Bloggers.  

My Secret Tip: Do not underestimate the power of craft review bloggers.

I hope that has given you some ideas to go and research.  I will let you know how I am going with mine, if you let me know how you are going with yours 🙂

♥ Coral.

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