I’m smart, I’m good looking and…

I’m smart, I’m good looking and…

I LOVE this blog post from The Exceptional Creative.  PLEASE TAKE A MINUTE  TO READ IT. 

I found I’ve been using this every few days since I read this post.  At first you can feel a bit silly but after a few tries it is actually fun.  For me, I found my “And I’m…..” was quite a few things.  Doing this little trick not only gave me more confidence to keep going in what I’m trying to do, it also revealed all the things I want to be and do. It is helping me clarify what I am working towards.

I’m smart, I’m good looking and…

  • I’m a successful artist
  • I’m building an art empire
  • I’m an online business owner
  • I’m a product designer
  • I’m helping other women achieve their big wild crazy dreams too
  • I’m an entrepreneur
  • I’m a teacher
  • I’m an inspiration
  • I’m a mentor
  • I’m an event organizer
  • I’m more powerful than I knew
  • I’m achieving my dreams
  • I’m living the life I’ve imagined

Try it, you might like it!  You may be surprised at the thoughts and ideas that spring to mind.  I know I was.  I have found it really powerful for me.  Really powerful.  Enough to want to share it with you, in the hope you will get a power boost too.  Use it often.

You are smart.  You are good looking.  And ………  What is your AND?


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2 Responses to I’m smart, I’m good looking and…

  1. Megan Clark says:

    Hey there. I’m so happy you found that exercise useful. Appreciate your readership!

    • Coral says:

      Thanks for stopping by Megan – it means a lot. I loved this idea – Feels silly at first then it feels like a challenge once you start trying it out. All the options you can add to the end of the sentence…… Oh, the possibilities!

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