Top 5 tips for Twitter

Have you joined the Twitter-verse yet?

Top 5 tips for Twitter.

Number One – Don’t use all 140 characters.  When people want to re-tweet something you have said, your Twitter identity comes up at the front of the tweet.  If you have a URL link at the end, some of it may go missing once your name is at the front because it will be over the maximum of 140 characters.  You don’t want people missing out on your links now, do you?  That’s the best bit!

Number Two – Don’t be afraid not to follow people who follow you.  Don’t feel like you have to follow everyone who follows you.  If you do, you will be flooded with loads of tweets that aren’t relevant to you – especially if some of them are enthusiastic tweeters.  I follow people I really click with and learn from, so I read all the tweets I receive.  I am learning so much from the people I follow.  (see my favourite Twitter girls HERE)

I know some people do the “follow thousands of people so they follow you” trick, but really…..  If you don’t read their tweets and they don’t read yours, what’s the point?  They are not interested in your or your art – if they are following thousands of random people, they are not reading your tweets.  That is not going to help you build a business.  Build your Twitter Tribe with people you really like and with people who really like you.

If you do decided to go with the “build as many followers as you can by following lots of people” tactic, at least sign up to Hootsuite, so you can separate your “feeds” so you can list the people you are really interested in as a separate feed to the “follow for following sake” people.

Number Three – Don’t be afraid to un-follow someone.  Following someone on Twitter is like going on a first date.  You listen to what they have to say over dinner and you decide if you want to go out again or if they aren’t your  cup of tea.  It’s exactly the same on Twitter.  You follow someone for a little while and sometimes you just don’t click.  Don’t feel guilty if you un-follow someone.  It’s all part of finding your Twitter Tribe.

Number Four –  Communicate with people you follow.  Make sure you are offering something to them, not just saying “loved your tweet”.  If they have lots of followers and they read all their tweets, a worthwhile tweet will stand out from all the “love you” tweets.  I have done this with people who have tens of thousands of followers, but only follow a few thousand.  After I gave them some helpful information in reply to a question they tweeted, and now they follow me.  That’s pretty cool.  If nothing else, it gave me a little confidence boost.  I have had this happen a few times and it is helping me build great relationships with the people I’m following.

Number Five – Thank people for re-tweeting you.  If people are re-tweeting you, they are sharing you with all their followers, many of whom don’t follow you yet.  This may lead them to click on your profile to see who you are and they may chose to follow you, which helps you build your Twitter profile.  They may click on a link in your tweet and you get new visitors to your blog or website that you may not have had before.

Be grateful they are sharing you with their followers – send a thank you tweet.  This also sends your followers back to them – returning the gesture.  All this and it will only take you a moment.  Pretty good, huh?

If you are new to the whole Twitter-verse, I hope this gives you some ideas to start with and makes it a bit less confusing.

Now go find your Twitter Tribe…

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