Damn Doubtful Days

Having one of those “Damn Doubtful Days” today.

I am taking on a BIG PROJECT.

Actually, not just one but two.

Can I do this?  Can I pull this off?

I also want it yesterday.  I am one of the most impatient people on the planet, seriously.

I have so much to do.  So much to learn.  I want to develop a different style to my art, do I need to do that first?  Which product do I launch first – copies of my artwork or designs/products to use in the artwork?  Do I launch my product and it’s related blog before I share with everyone here?

Then I change the way I am talking to myself – it’s not helping, it’s just freaking me out.  I start saying the things to myself I need to hear.  The things I would say to my best friend if she needed some encouragement and reassurance.

Since I decided to take on this project, things have come along just when I needed them.

I was thinking of starting a blog and looked at a course I was interested in by one of the best in the industry – Yaro Starak.  The course became available and I got it at a discount.

Then came Kelly Rae Roberts e-course just as I had been looking at it – for the millionth time.  I got the course for the price of just the e-book – but with all the support, access to Kelly and other paticipants that you get with doing the actual course.  Plus I paid when the Aussie dollar was high, so it was like I got a discount for that too!

I have recently been looking at some creative business coaching, but was nervous about the prices as well as what I would get out of it.  If it was right for me, if  I should be doing it now. One of the girls I follow on Twitter – Brand & Bloom issued a limited offer – 1 month coaching for $75.  Even part of what she is offering is usually over $200.  I have signed up with her and am nervously looking forward to our first discussions and where this could lead.

When you make a decision that is what you are meant to do – the universe conspires to help you.

I have no doubt there will be some challenges along the way on this adventure.  And I have no doubt I will have more Damn Doubtful Days.  But the universe seems to be leading me to the people I need to know, just when I need to.  Coming when I need it, but before I am comfortable with the idea.  These opportunities are pushing me outside my comfort zone.  Each opportunity has had a limited time attached to it.  A limited offer, a deadline.  That has been enough to push me beyond the discomfort of not knowing if I am ready or if it’s what I need right now.  Each chance has been now or never.  Now or 6 months from now.

And I don’t want to wait.

I don’t want to give up.  I don’t want to take it slow.  I don’t want to have another birthday and still be wishing I had the life I see other artists have.  I don’t want to get to 38, 39 or 40 and be in the exact same place I am today.  Or worse, going backwards.

What worked for me today to get past my doubtful day?

Where will you be a year from now if you give it everything you’ve got?

Where will you be if you don’t?



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