Finding Motivation



Zig Ziglar.

 I saw this saying on Twitter the other day and it really clicked with me.  I’ve bought  a few self development & motivation type books/CD’s/DVD’s – Tony Robbins, Paul Hanna,  Pat Mesiti and The Secret are the main ones.  The trouble is you read the book /listen to the CD/watch the film and are all hyped up for a week or two – and then “life” slowly creeps back in.  You have a tough day at work, you suddenly have too many things on your plate, other things take over and before you know it you’re mind is back to where you started.

So…what is the solution?

I know taking on this big, wild, crazy dream is a big project.  Really big.  And there are gunna be days where I have some negative thoughts creeping in.  Those nagging thoughts that make you feel suck-y.  I can’t do this.  Who do I think I am? Why would someone say yes to me?

I’ve only been on Twitter for a little while, and by pure chance, I found one girl in particular  @beingtricia who feels like a daily dose of YES YOU CAN.  Like my own personal cheer squad.  While I still get those not-very-helpful thoughts creeping in, they don’t cripple me from taking action and they don’t stay for days like they have before.  After reading her tweets – I often feel more courageous, inspired and energetic.  How she does it in 140 characters is really impressive.  I am finding this is really working for me in keeping my motivation going and in quietening (if not silencing) those bad thoughts.

I think those bad thoughts creeping in has been one of the things that has stopped before.  The motivational book/CD/DVD has faded into the background and I was back to feeling like it was all too hard and like I was on my own again.  I am really surprised how big a difference my daily dose of motivation is making.  I can’t emphasize this enough.

Please, please find someone who can give you a daily dose of inspiration Whether it is someone on Twitter, a really supportive friend, a book you can refer to everyday…. Something to keep your motivation cup full to overflowing.  Make sure it is someone or something you really click with.  Something where after reading or hearing it, you can genuinely say you physically feel the difference in yourself.  You float through the day.  And nothing feels impossible.




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