So where do I start? – Part 1

Let’s start at the very beginning

A very good place to start

– The Sound of Music.

You’ve decided to start a business doing what you love.  Err, now what?

You love what you do, but how do you turn that into a business idea?  And once you have that idea, where on earth do you start?  I think this is where most people stop.  Because…

  • It seems like there is too much to learn.
  • Other people are already doing what you want to do.
  • You are “just” you.

It can feel overwhelming and like a big ask.  Maybe too big an ask.  So you quit before you start.  For me, I read books thinking I was learning what I needed to, but still didn’t feel like I knew anything at all.  It just seemed like there was so much to learn.   And how could someone who didn’t know very much compete with someone who seemed to “know everything” already.  I couldn’t see how I could compete and succeed.  I couldn’t see how to get where they were.  Where I wanted to be.  It seemed so far away.  If I’m honest, I think that is what has stopped me so many times before.  I felt like I was doing it all on my own, that there was so much to learn it was overwhelming and it seemed like such a long road to achieve my dream that it seemed impossible.

So – Where do you start?  Get your head on straight.  Kick the little red devil off your shoulder.  The little red devil telling you “You can’t because…… [fill in the blank]”.

Instead, listen to the little white angel on your other shoulder telling you “You can do this”.

With the wrong thinking, you are already defeated

With the right thinking, you can conquer the world.

For me, I got fed up with having my dream constantly in the back of my mind and not having it come true.  I got frustrated seeing other people doing what I wanted to do – and them making it look so easy.  So I got fierce and I got determined.  I saw a ray of light on how to make it possible and it was enough to set me on fire.  That one little click made the difference.

Now I want it more than I fear it.  I can see a way to do it.  I’ve found people via blogs and twitter to go to when I need a courage boost. People who are encouraging of going after a big, wild, crazy dream.  People who are sharing how they are achieving their artistic dream.  There are people out there willing to share what they know and who want you to succeed.

I watch how I think and have phrases in my head that get me back on track if I am freaking out.  How you talk to yourself makes a big difference.  Cheer yourself on.  Ask yourself empowering questions.  Be your own best friend.

Getting your head in the right place is the most important thing – without it, you are doomed from the start.

My challenge to you – Listen to how you talk to yourself.  Make sure you are cheering yourself on, not cutting yourself down.  Find people to follow on blogs, twitter or facebook who help you feel excited and empowered.  Bold and brave.  Who help you feel you can conquer the world. Who you can turn to when you need a courage boost.  You are going to need it occasionally in your travels to your new life.

♥ Coral.

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  3. rasz says:

    What a great post!!!! Thanks for the encouraging, empowering advice.

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