Learn where you are – part 3

In the first post HERE, I talked about learning from where you sit.

In the second post HERE, I talked about learning from where you shop.

So where else can you learn about the business side of your creative business?


  • Listen to your boss. My boss regularly talks about the theory side of his business.  Things like marketing, market positioning, what he considers with his advertising, branding and reputation, how he calculates profit and what he factors in to his costs.  He will often discusses his thinking behind his decisions. – why he makes the decisions he does.  It may give you some surprising insights.
  • Look at the business structure. How does the business you work for position itself in the market?  Who is their target market and how do they reach them?  What messages do they include in their advertising to appeal to their market?  What makes them better than the competition?  How does their target market effect how they do things?
  • Look at the competition. What does the competition do differently that works?  How do they target their market differently to where you work?  What reputation do they have and how do they cultivate it?  No matter where you work, you will have heard something about the competition – from your boss, from your customers, from people who used to work for them.  You can learn a lot from your competition – both with where you work now and once you launch your creative business. 

Even though you may work in a more conventional business, rather than a creative one, there are still lots of things you can learn.

I hope this has given you some great ideas and you start looking at where you work in a whole new way.

♥ Coral.

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