Learn where you are – Part 2

In the first post HERE, I talked about learning from where you sit.

So where else can you learn ideas that will give you the confidence to take those first few tentative steps?


  • Talk to the owners of your local store. This works especially well if you are a “regular”.  The owners and staff are more likely to appreciate where you are coming from and be more willing to share their insider knowledge with you.  Ask them what sells well in their store, what workshops are popular and what makes them choose the products they stock from the thousands they can choose from.
  • Craft fairs and shows. Yes, you may be there to shop for yourself, but have a good look at the stands as well.  What stands are full of people all day?  What products are the most popular?  This is a great way to do market research for your own products.  Is what you do similar to something that is in high demand?
  • Look around stores in your area. Find the most popular and successful stores in your area. What products get the most shelf space?  The best selling products get the most shelf space.  What brands are the most stocked? Does the store carry the full range of a brand, or only one or two items? Again – use this for free market research.

These are all simple ways to see what products are in demand and what customers are buying.  It is also a great way to get ideas on packaging, logo design, business names,and branding.

I hope this has given you some great ideas to start your research.

♥ Coral.

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