Learn where you are – Part 1

There is so much you want to know before you start taking steps to making your big, wild, crazy dream a reality.  Some people are brave enough to jump right in and learn as they go.  But for me, I like to have some basic information about things before I start taking steps.

So if you aren’t ready to take your steps yet, how can  you start getting the information you want to build up your knowledge and your confidence?


  • Read books from the library.   The library has books on business basics as well as specialty areas like copy writing (for your blog and Etsy postings) and how to use twitter.
  • Read free local business publications. I get 2 free magazines delivered to the front door where I work.  They are surprisingly good quality for a free publication.  They include lots of great business basics articles and profile local businesses and people.  Reading about local people can make what you are trying to do seem more achievable and less daunting.
  • Find  business mentors as well as art mentors on the internet. You probably have a few of your favourite artists sites or their blogs bookmarked on your computer.  Look for business mentors as well.  Look for sites that specialize in areas like blogging, Etsy and social media that will help you grow your business once you get started.  Also look for artists who have achieved what you want to do and are sharing the business side of their art.
  • Watch more TV. Well, maybe not quite.  But pay more attention to what is on TV.  The morning show you have on while you eat your breakfast may have a short interview coming up with an artist.  The current affairs program on at night may have a feature on Etsy sellers who are doing really well.  Once you listen out for this type of story, you will be surprised how often they appear on these type of shows.  Also watch craft TV shows.  Don’t just watch what they are making, but listen to the artist if they talk about how they created their signature product line, how they grew their business or any other business tips they may mention.  These small tips are often the light bulb you need to give you the confidence to take that leap of faith.

These are all easy ways to learn some business basics and to build your confidence on the business side of things.  And they don’t cost you anything!

You’ll be surprised what you come across once you start looking.

♥ Coral.

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