What is this blog about?

So what sort of things am I going to blog about?

If you haven’t read where I’m starting from, read about me here.

What I know so far. Including  what I’ve already learned along the way to get where I am now.   My thoughts and ideas on various areas of business and those darn urban myths that stop us before we even start.

What I am learning now. Including information from people I speak to, little wonders of wisdom I come across as I go and the things that really jump out at me that are the a-ha moments.  I want to learn about mindset, motivation, market research, branding, manufacturing, packaging, distribution, marketing & promotion, blogging, business basics and business growth

How it goes in reality. Theory and knowledge are great – but putting it all into action is where it gets tough.  Where it gets a bit scary.  I’ll be sharing what happens when I put it all into practice.  What I do, why I do it and how it turns out.  I will be sharing everything – not just when things are going fantastically to plan, but also when things go sideways.

I hope you’ll learn along with me and share your questions, thoughts, ideas and comments.  I want to hear from you so we can all learn together.

I hope you’ll come and play with me. ♥




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