The one type of friend you must have in your life

There are two types of friends.  Builders and Wreckers.

Builders build you up.  Wreckers tear you down.

Wrecker – After you have spent time with wreckers you feel drained and exhausted. You walk away doubting yourself and your plans.  Suddenly you feel unsure of yourself.  You feel nervous and scared about what you are working towards, regardless of how excited and enthusiastic you were before you spent time with them.  They will leave a big black cloud over your head that can sometimes stay with you for days.  Yuck!

Builder – They are like your own personal cheersquad.  They celebrate with you when things go right.  And they commiserate with you when they don’t.  After you have spent time with them you feel alive – really alive.  You feel excited and motivated – like you can conquer the world.  You are genuinely happy. And you catch yourself smiling for what seems like no reason.  They are like your personal energy drink.

Who would you rather spend time with?  How would you rather feel?  Who is better for you?  Remember what your Mum used to say about who you hung out with at school?  The same principal applies now you are a grown up.

If you are going to go after big, wild, crazy dreams… surround yourself with builders.

♥ Coral.


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