Everyone starts somewhere.

I was coming up to my 37th birthday and I had less than 1 year to go to qualify for 10 years long service leave in my job.  When I started that job, I swore I would only do it for 3 months while I started my own creative business.

I started to have what I like to call a mid life major re-assessment (it sounds much nicer than mid life crisis).  I was going on 37.  I hadn’t traveled the world.  I hadn’t started a family.  I was stunned to see I was almost 37 and all I had done was pay my mortgage and work in a job I didn’t hate, but didn’t love either.  I had no idea where the years had gone.  It was a shock.  And a reality check.

I had wanted to start my own business since 1998.  I had tried to learn computer programs I thought I needed to know.  I read a lot of different business books and magazines.  I watched small business shows on TV.  I took days off work to attend seminars. I read self improvement books, watched  DVD’s and listened to CD programs. Somehow, I was still right where I started.

I had watched other people achieve what I wanted to achieve and they had made it look so easy.  That hurt.  Watching other people achieve “my dream”.  I was pull my hair out frustrated.  And I felt confused trying to work out how they had done it.  I knew I was a smart girl.  So why hadn’t I been able to do this??

I was at yet another seminar when a couple of little gems of wisdom really clicked – things that made the walls I thought were blocking me come tumbling down.  It blew apart the urban myths I had believed about starting an online business.  The reasons I hadn’t been able to make it happen no longer existed.  I could see a way that I could make this happen.  Finally.

So I decided at 37, it was now or never.

All the books and magazines I’ve read, the TV shows I’ve watched and the seminars  I’ve been to have still left me with a lot of questions.  So, I’ve decided to find people who are experts in the areas I want to learn about and ask them the questions I’ve had all this time and never found the answers to.

I know I’m not the only one who has felt like this.  I’m not the only one that wants real information and answers to their questions.  So, I’m going to share what I learn, my progress and even the times when things aren’t going to plan.

I hope you’ll come along with me. ♥

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