I don’t want to be pretty anymore…

Jane workshop

My Jane Davenport workshop experience on FindingFirelight.com

Sometimes you actually hear the light bulb go off over your head.  Sometimes it’s a gentle glow that slowly gets brighter (like the damn energy saving light globe in my bathroom that takes 10 minutes to warm up enough to actually light the room up).  But other times – you hear it.  It’s bells and the hallelujah chorus and happy dances in the lounge room.

I’ve only just come back from a workshop at Jane Davenport’s house.  And Jane has just come back from a workshop with Jesse Reno.  I love when my teachers take a class with someone else.  I love seeing what they create, how their work is different under their teachers influence yet somehow still very them.  But Jane’s post had more than that.

In amongst the photos of her work, her fan girl experience and her wrap up of the weekend was this.  Symbology and meaning.  Animals that she is drawn to, who magically show up at the end of her paint brush.  And when they appear, she feels connected to something.  Not just that they are pretty.

Ah, not just that they are pretty.

Oh, the room is shining bright from the light bulb above my head.  No ten minute warm up this time.

You know what I’ve discovered on this adventure?  It’s the single sentences.  The single sentences that repeat over and over in your mind.  The ones that whisper to you months or years after you first heard them.  And this is one that I know is gonna stay with me.

Symbology.  Meaning.  Connection.

Sometimes art is about making pretty things.

But for me… in this moment… I feel like I get it now.

And for me, it is no longer about just making something pretty.

Just making something pretty is for people who don’t feel soul deep in what they are doing.

Just making something pretty is for people who want to be distracted from the everyday.

Just making something pretty is for people taking their first wobbly steps into the world of creativity.

But I’m not a new kid on the block (my favourite band in high school – my confession for the day).  Now, I want more.  I know there is so much to it.  I’ve seen what it’s like to live this life every day.  And I know what it feels like too, even if it’s just been for a day or two.

I want to feel full to overflowing with connection and meaning as I make things.  The pencil to paper and the paint to canvas can no longer just be about something pretty.

I don’t just want to feel distracted from the ordinary, the everyday.  I want to live the dream life I’ve imagined since I walked out of my high school gate for the very last time.

I’m no longer a toddler, taking tentative steps.  I wanna leap and dance and play until I fall in an exhausted heap on the floor, catching my breath, covered in paint after a day where the world fell away.  Where all I was left with was me, with painty hands.  Finding meaning, finding connection, finding my own symbology.

That is what art should be about.

That is what a creative business should be about.

That is what life should be about.

Coral. xo

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    I’m stripping out, but not stripping off… because no-one needs to see that

    DarkestI’m stripping out, but not stripping off (because no-one needs to see that).  Errr, what??

    On the house side, I’ve caught up on the housework that annoys the crap out of me every time I walk past it but never get around to doing (that’s a never ending to do list, isn’t it?)  I’ve had another ruthless clean out of the art room.  I’ve tossed clothes over my shoulder as I strip out my wardrobe.  And you know that third draw in the kitchen full of mysterious utensils, take away menus and warranty books for a food processor that broke 2 years ago?  It’s next on the hit list.

    On the business side, I’m cleaning out my Twitter feed like a mad woman – so I am left with only the people I love, love, not all the people I followed cause I was supposed to.  Because they were the gurus I was ‘meant’ to follow even though they grated on my nerves like fingernails on a blackboard.  I’m unsubscribing from newsletters that I signed up for because I was worried I would miss out on the ‘secret ingredient’.  That one snippet of wisdom that would be the difference between having my dream life or staying in That Day Job forever.   And those blog bookmarks that get in the way of finding the ones I really want are gone too.   I’m wondering why I even felt the need to bookmark most of them in the first place.

    On the me side, I’ve tried to live my Words of the Year – Being selfish (in a good way) and having fun.  I’ve been eating so many veges I’m surprised I haven’t turned green.  I’m surprised at the difference it has made – I’m feeling more energetic and happier (not the fake happy you get after eating ice cream.  I mean the happy that you feel all day because you ate all the veges on your plate the night before).  And my life has become about home and art, instead of giving everything to That Day Job and my home life only getting what was left.  I’m kinda wondering how I got myself into that rhythm in the first place and how I lived like that for so long.  No wonder my mid-life major re-assessment started so early.

    As that has all come together, I’m feeling stronger.  Stronger to start again.  Finding the courage beyond all the feelings from my first set of stamps.  Finding the courage to do it my way and ignoring all the ‘ooh, I just started something by accident and now I’m a millionaire’ stories.

    Because sometimes those stories are inspiring and courage boosting.  And sometimes they just shit you to tears and make you hate the world because it’s not happening for you like that.

    When the clutter is gone, you can see more clearly.  You can find your way without wading through the nothingness and unimportant.

    I’m not in love with my first set of stamps anymore.  Okay, I got that.  But what I am in love with?  What designs would I use over and over until the stamp was completely worn out?  Or do I focus on my getting better at art and somehow transform that into a product?  Selling prints?  Transforming elements of my art into stamps?

    Was I designing stamps hoping my art would get better?  Should I have gotten better at my art to make stamps?

    The clutter is gone, but the questions come in their place.

    The surprising challenge in amongst all the questions, is not being led by other artists.  Being inspired but not being drawn into their style too much.  That part is actually much harder than it looks.

    And I don’t want to fall out of love with the second set because I change what I love by the time they get manufactured.  I’m not a scattered person at all – I’m a slow and steady wins the race kinda girl.   But I’m also learning so much and discovering so many new things – I’m like a kid in a candy shop.  And what I loved last week changes as I discover new teachers, have new ideas and as I go exploring.

    No-one is the artist they were a year ago.

    I need to find a way to make what I want to make but leave room for my art, my business and myself to grow.  This could get interesting…..

    Coral.  xo

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      Every step counts, even if it’s backwards

      DLP1Danielle LaPorte has a manifesto that I love.

      Check out the video or print it out here or the typography poster here.

      I have it on the wall in front of me at That Day Job and look at it often.  Cause some days I really, really need it so I can keep going.  It’s also on my inspiration board in the art room, watching over me as I work.  Like a silent cheerleader.  The words in the air of the room as I work.

      DLP2One of my favourite things on it is…

      Everything is progress

      And she’s right.  Any step – a mini step forward, a step sideways and yes, even a step backwards.  It’s all progress.

      A mini step can feel like procrastination and fear.

      A step sideways can feel like it doesn’t count.

      And a step backwards can feel like a failure.  Like a sign from the universe that this isn’t what you should be doing.

      I feel like I took huge steps forward the day I had my stamps in my hand.  But didn’t land where I thought I would.  It didn’t turn out how I thought.  It wasn’t a beautiful, exciting adventure to get there.  It wasn’t how I had imagined after 14 years of dreaming.

      There were disappointments, delays and anger.  There were ugly snotty tears, cranky dances in the lounge room and lots of pouty “it’s not fair” moments.  Yep, when I’m disappointed, I act like a 5 year old.  G-G-Glamourous.

      So now I’m taking steps in a new direction.  Mircro steps.  Cause sometimes a microstep is all your heart can bear.  Cause you can’t be Sasha Fierce all the time.  And even a micro step counts.

      Because everything is progress.

      Coral.  xo

      PS.  You’ve signed up for my newsletter right?  I’ll be sharing a great video with Danielle LaPorte in the next one – it’ll change the way you look at chasing after your big wild crazy dream.  So divine.

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        It took me 2 years to figure this out… I started at the wrong end

        40 08

        On the Finding Firelight blog this week

        If you read this post, you’ll know I’m not totally in love with my stamps anymore.  And I think I’ve figured out why I don’t love them and where I went wrong.

        I started at the wrong end.

        I started at the product end.

        Before I had jumped back into getting inky and painty.

        Before I had figured out what my personal style of art was.  What my symbology was.

        And it was a year into the adventure before I started diving back into those things.

        But after getting to play in 2 art workshops last year, it’s all coming together.  And it’s given me a new direction to play and to start thinking about new designs.

        I think the reason the artists I love and adore have been so successful is because they started at the right end.

        And I didn’t.

        They created their art.  And they shared it on their blog.  In their Etsy stores.  And people found them.  They built their tribe.  Their following.  Their fans.  And from there came the online workshops, the book deals, the licensing.  And the stamp designs.

        So this year, as part of having more fun and play, I’ve signed up for 2 online art workshops.  And once they are finished, I may sign up for more.  And I’m going to play in my art journal a lot more.  Become more at ease with my own style of art.  And explore where that can take me.  Less pressure on designing stamps and learning business-y things.  Nnot trying so hard.  It’s about me doing the fun art stuff, connecting with other arty girls.  Doing workshops online and in person.  Stepping out of my hermit shell and building genuine connections.  This year, it’s gonna be about the art and the business side can follow.

        I’ve already done an end of year clean out to simplify things.  I’ve unsubscribed from newsletters I don’t get around to reading and the ones that rub my fur the wrong way but I felt like I ‘had to’ be subscribed to.  I’ve unfollowed people on Twitter that weren’t my absolute must follow people.  I’ve deleted lots of bookmarked blogs.  I’ve stripped it all back to basics.  So I’m left with only the stuff I adore.  Reading blogs that make me ooh and ahh with every new post (Jane Davenport is my current favourite).  Newsletters that make me feel invincible.  Audio interviews that energize and focus me (loving Danielle LaPorte right now).

        This year, as part of my being ‘selfish’ with my word of the year,  I’m only doing what feels perfect.  Things that lift me up, give me bliss and fill me up to overflowing.

        Everything else is out the door.

        Out, out, out.

        Because this is my year of being selfish in the most divine way.  Of only doing what I really, really want.  Not what other people tell me I should be doing.  Or what I need to be doing.  No more have to’s and gotta’s.  Just wanna’s.

        Because it’s my time.  It’s my time now.  (Oh yeah, I threw in a Goonies reference).

        Coral.  xo

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          Goodbye 39

          Look what I got for my 40th birthday - all by Kelly Rae Roberts - one of my SHeroes.

          Look what I got for my 40th birthday – all by Kelly Rae Roberts – one of my SHeroes.

          Goodbye 39

          You are the year I felt most like myself.

          You are the year I got to connect with art in the deepest way.

          Art has called to me for the longest time and this year… the year of 39…. I truly saw what you could be.  And I understood why my heart has been calling to you for so long.

          This is the year I got to know myself so much more.  And I fell in love with who I am.

          All the things that make me uncool are the things I love the most.  They make me who I am.  And I no longer hide those quirky little bits.

          I feel like something great is coming as I turn 40.

          And I feel like 39 was the beautiful bridge I got to cross to get there.

          So many moments of clarity.  Gentle lessons learned.  The divine bliss of art classes.

          For a long time, I was nervous about what 40 was going to bring.  I started having my ‘mid life major re-assessment’ 2 years ago, knowing 40 was looming and the expectations I’d had for my 30′s.

          But as the day arrives, I’m surprisingly peace with it.  I feel like I’m coming into my time.

          Goodbye 39.

          Hello 40.

          Coral.  xo


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            One Little Word – OLW 2014

            40One Little Word – 2014

            Me + Fun

            Lots of people are working on their One Little Word for this year.  Choosing words like Permission, Explore, Thrive and Trust.  Words that will help them work towards their goals.  Words that mean they say yes.  Yes to that online workshop they’ve wanted to do forever.  Yes to starting their blog to share their heart with the world.  Or opening their Etsy shop to share their creative soul.

            But my word means I’m being selfish this year.  In the nicest possible way, of course.

            I’m turning the big 4-0 in a couple of days.

            And if I don’t have a year for me this year, then when do I get one?  I’ve put myself last for a long time.  I think it’s a girl thing.  We look after everyone else first and leave nothing for ourselves.

            I gave everything to That Day Job for a long time and my personal life would get what was left.  But in the last 2 years, I’ve discovered that means nothing to the people you have given your everything to.  You don’t even get a thank you after 10 years of service.  Seriously, not even a thank you.

            Looking after a sick husband, being the lean on girl for friends. running the house, running two blogs, working with designers and manufacturers for my stamps and trying to learn so many new things all at the same time – it’s no surprise there was less than nothing left for myself.

            And my solution was to comfort eat.

            Needless to say, it’s left me feeling empty on the inside and overflowing on the outside.

            If I tried to do something that wasn’t easy the first time, I would give up.  Put it in the “go back to it another day” box.  Because it wasn’t fun.  And because I had nothing left in the tank to experiment and play and go with the flow.  I needed it to be perfect first time so I could just get on with it.

            But in September and October last year, I did 2 “in person, real life, get your hands painty” art workshops.

            And my world changed.

            With Chrissy Foreman Cranitch – I felt bliss the whole day.  I can’t remember ever feeling like that before that day.  Such serenity and clarity.  No sense of time.  An inner calmness instead of my usual frantic, everything has to be perfect way.  I realized that working artists get to feel like this a lot.   And it made me want this life more than ever before.  Imagine getting to feel like this on a weekday?

            With Jane Davenport – I got to see my dream life in person.  I got to see the life of a working artist up close.  The stockroom for her online store.   Her studio filled with art supplies and camera equipment for filming.  I made art that was effortless and was so very me.  I got to play.  The whole weekend washed over me and through me like an afternoon spring breeze, blowing away the cobwebs built up over 40 years.

            How did I not see life could be like this before now?

            You can imagine it until the cows come home.  But when you experience your dream life, you get it.  You truly get what you heart has been calling you to do.

            So in 2014, I want more of that.

            More bliss.

            More play.

            More fun.

            Coral.  xo

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              How do you say thank you to your customers?

              On the Finding Firelight blog this week Mail art with pretty napkins, iinks and stamps

              On the Finding Firelight blog this week
              Mail art with pretty napkins, inks and stamps

              We got our first Christmas card at That Day Job this week.

              And baby, it was ugly.

              It was one of those ugly 80′s cards.  The artwork was blandy bland bland with a side of yuck.  With that boring saying inside with the company’s name added by the printer – woo woo, way to splash out.  And the admin girl wrote out a boring message because the owner couldn’t be ass-ed.

              That doesn’t feel like a company respects working with you.  That they value your business.  It’s a lame token acknowledgement that you were a part of their business for the year.  And it would probably be better if they did nothing.

              If you sell on Etsy, you get the chance to blow your customers out of the water with that sort of stuff.  I’ve had some gorgeous packaging on parcels when I’ve bought on Etsy.  Bakers twine and beautiful business cards and little thank you’s all carefully packaged.  I’ve also received things where it was just kinda chucked in the envelope.

              Hmmm, that says a lot.

              I make an altered shipping tag using my stamps and include a few blank tags for the receiver to play with.  And they are tucked inside a decorated envelope (because I’m obsessed with mail art at the moment) with a couple of branded stickers and Moo business cards. Then I wrap up the stamps and the envelope in tissue paper and add a print of the philosophy behind Finding Firelight on the outside with one of my stickers.

              It sounds super cute but I’m wondering if I could do more.  Or maybe just like my stamps, I’m feeling the need for a makeover.  Not re-doing the logo.   But changing up what I make and include in the pack.  Could I make it look nicer?  Does it need a little somethin somethin?

              Can I make it look a little more Pinterest – you know those pins where the packaging is almost too gorgeous that you wouldn’t want to open the parcel?  That’s the sort of packaging I want to send.

              I think 2014 is going to be the year of the step up for me.

              Stepping up my stamp range to something that feels more true.  Making packaging that looks a little more like I know what I’m doing.

              How do you say thank you to your customers?

              Could you be doing more?

              Or doing it better?

              Coral.  xo






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                Ever feel like the Universe is laughing at you?

                Dream Big altered canvas Process at www.findingfirelight.com this week.

                Dream Big altered canvas
                Process at www.findingfirelight.com this week.

                Ever feel like the Universe is laughing at you?  Because I’ve got the feeling it’s looking down at me like the Cheshire cat, grinning from ear to ear.  Chuckling quietly.  Cheeky B******.

                I’ve been home sick from That Day Job for 2 weeks.  Two whole weeks.

                It’s kinda sad when you would rather be this sick than go to your day job.  But some days are just like that, aren’t they?

                In a way, it has felt like another chance to experience my dream life.  Getting up when I’m ready, not because the alarm says so.  Afternoon nanna naps – is 3 hours still considered a nap?  I’ve had time to send emails to art friends.  I’ve devoured my art magazines slowly, instead of a mad frenzied rush as another thing to tick off my to-do list.  I’ve watched more YouTube videos than I should admit to.  And I’ve started brainstorming new stamp plate designs.  Big long lists filling the page in an A3 sketchbook.

                I’ve also been reading stories in those magazines I normally rush through and on my favourite blogs.  Stories that make my heart ache.

                Stories that make me so green with envy I could take over Tinkerbell’s job.  She’s kinda green isn’t she?

                Stories of people quitting their day job with no plans other than the dream of being a working artist.  Of beautiful breakthroughs and chance meeting with mentors that transform their lives into working artists.  Of being so successful husbands quit their day jobs too, so they can take over the tech stuff and online stores.  The girls just get to do art all day and film videos and do workshops and send projects off to magazines.  Basically, they just get to play and do the fun stuff.

                This is where you start to wonder if the Universe is laughing at you.

                You want this dream life so bad.  And it keeps showing you these stories.  These moments other people are having.  Moments you want to be having.  It wouldn’t be showing me this unless it is meant to be for me too, right?

                I know behind all the dream life stories and social media photos is a bucket load of hard work.  And lots of heart aching failures.  Taking wrong paths and feeling lost.  Working day jobs that felt like the wrong fit so badly it hurt while they found their place in the world as an artist.

                But when you are having woeful moments (thanks to a combo of jealousy and being sick), you don’t see the path that got them there.  You just see them as they are now.  And even that’s not real.  I’m sure they have moments when people don’t sign up for their classes.  When their website goes down just when they need it not to.   When their submission to a magazine gets rejected.

                But as we dream of living their life, we don’t care about that stuff.  We just blow it all out of proportion to make ourselves feel like rubbish.  Why do we do that?

                The trick is to use it as inspiration.

                And motivation.

                Not something that fills you with crushing resentment.

                And it’s a chance to ask the Universe to show you what to do next…

                To take one step closer to living the life of an artist.

                Coral xo

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                  What happens after you do a workshop

                  She was out of her comfort zoneI’ve been a very busy bunny – doing 3 workshops in just 6 weeks!

                  First there was Donna Downey with a journal class.

                  Then Chrissy Foreman Cranitch helping me paint big on canvas.

                  And the delicious experience of a big journal with Jane Davenport over two whole days.

                  I learned lots (of course).  And had amazing fun (of course).  But other stuff happens too.  Things you don’t expect.  And you don’t know it’s going to happen.  You don’t know it’s gonna be a part of it when you sign up.

                  I’ve grown and changed so much because of these workshops and now…..

                  It doesn’t feel like my stamps fit anymore.

                  Oh crap.

                  That wasn’t meant to happen.

                  Or was it?

                  I had stepped away from the art world for a while.  Because things got clique-y with the art people I knew.  I was tired of fighting with my art, trying desperately to find ‘my style’, the way my SHeroes had.  It just all got too hard and wasn’t fun.  At all.

                  But even then, the dream never went away.

                  The whispers were always there.

                  Then I had my mid life major re-assessment.  If you’ve been visiting here for a while, you’ll know I call it that instead of a mid life crisis because I wasn’t in crisis, I was just re-assessing.  It sounds so much better, doesn’t it?

                  And so, after getting a glimpse of how I could turn at 13 year dream into reality, I was on a mission.  And my first step was a blogging course.  Then I started working with designers.  Because of that path, combined with being away from the art world for so long, the stamps were influenced more by graphic design – divine logos and gorgeous websites – so my stamps came out kinda like that.

                  It wasn’t until part way through the design process that I got up the courage to start getting inky and painty in the art room again.  Plus I figured I kinda oughta since I was making arty products.  And when I went in there, I was a little directionless.  Just throwing stuff around.  Lost but trying.  Any courses I did were business courses.  Most of the blogs I read were about blogging, not art.  It’s no wonder the stamps came out how they did.

                  When the stamps arrived from the manufacturer, it was a huge milestone for me.  (You can watch the short video here - there’s even tears).   After (by this stage) 14 years of dreaming about having my own range of stamps, they were finally in my hands.  They looked so perfect – even more beautiful than I had pictured  for all those years.  Truly a milestone moment in my life.  And a major signpost on this big wild crazy adventure.  I don’t want to take anything away from that.

                  But, after jumping into the art room much more this year and stepping away from the business learning side of things, my art has become much more the focus.  And after doing those 3 workshops in the last 6 weeks, things have changed so much.  Yes, in just 6 weeks.

                  I feel like my art style has taken a huge leap forward.  And it means my stamps don’t really fit anymore.  If they ever truly did.  The thought behind them was always that they would be used in art journals.  But somehow, they just came out as pretty images.

                  Because I let the designers talk me into things instead of staying true to what I pictured in my head.  It was their interpretation from a digital design perspective, not from an art journaler perspective who constantly has ink and paint and glue on their hands – because at the time, I wasn’t inky or painty.  Because what I thought was pretty in their portfolio was what I ended up with.  I let myself be swept up and swayed by them.  By the graphic design world.

                  So now what?

                  Some of the arty girls I’m channeling started off in one direction.  They have grown as business women and artists.  They have developed their range and changed direction as they did it.  Sometimes they changed direction more than once.  In the scope of things – my starting place is pretty damn awesome.  But that’s just it.  It’s a starting place.  So I have an Etsy shop full of stamps that I don’t connect with any more.  They cost a small fortune to get developed.  And there were lots of cranky dances in the lounge room and ugly, snotty tears to get to this point.

                  Was it all for nothing?

                  And am I brave enough to start over?

                  I’m kind of at a cross roads.  I need to keep selling the stamps I have as well as figuring out what I want next.  I’ve got lots of post its and scraps of paper with ideas on it.  So why aren’t I jumping in?  Why am I holding back?

                  Maybe I feel like the first set, with so much frustration and tears and work and time and… were a waste which doesn’t sit too well.  Maybe I’ve got a thing around the money side of it because I feel guilty I haven’t made back the money I spent on the first set (let alone that magical word profit).   Do I feel like this was kinda sorta a failure and I don’t want to fail again?  Cause none of us want to stick our hand up and wave it around saying
                  saying ‘guess what, I failed’.

                  But my big wild crazy dream is not gonna happen if I don’t have another go.  If I don’t find the courage to try again.

                  And a do over isn’t so bad, is it?

                  Coral.  xo

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                    What does it feel like to be so close you can touch it?

                    Cover of the journal I made at the Jane Davenport weekend workshop.  You can read about it at FindingFirelight.com this week

                    Cover of the journal I made at the Jane Davenport weekend workshop. You can read about it at FindingFirelight.com this week

                    You’ve heard of living ‘as if” right?  As if your dream life is already your real life.

                    Well a couple of weeks ago, I accidentally got to do this when I did a weekend workshop with the fabulous Jane Davenport.

                    I walked up the driveway to Jane’s house and there it was.  Her house was so similar to the dream house I’ve pictured it was scary.  Deliciously scary.  Big timber deck overlooking  green paddocks for miles.

                    Her studio and store were like seeing your ‘Dream Studio’ Pinterest board come to life.

                    And listening to her talk about her business – oh my gosh.  It was like a one on one business workshop.  She was so generous.  To hear how it REALLY works was such a gift.  Just like the Donna Downey workshop though – it felt like I was the only one who realized just how big a deal it was for her to share this side of her life.  And I soaked up every word.

                    She openly shared the business side of her life in amongst the actual journal class which was supposed to be the real reason we were there.  She let us in on how she runs her online workshops – seeing her filming set up was one of my favourite secrets she revealed to us in her studio.   Tales of traveling to teach (Paris anyone?).  Chatting about some of my favourite artists as her close friends – imagine casually name dropping your friends like Flora Bowley in coversation?  And she spoke of having well known publishers approaching her about books and videos and online series, of business contracts and international art shows…. can you imagine?  Oh yes, she’s the real deal.

                    Sandy Forster wrote a book that has a great chapter about living as if.  She would drive into the driveway of a mansion every day to know what it would feel like until one day it was true.  (Not sure what the owner of the mansion thought….) And Danielle LaPorte just did a post on what your ‘ideal normal’ is.

                    To spend two days doing art in a place that is ‘so close to the life you’ve pictured it’s scary’ is intense.

                    Part of it is beautiful.

                    To feel it in real life.  To live it for two whole days.  Doing art on the deck, surrounded my acreage views, gorgeous weather, an amazing teacher.  Ah, this is the life.

                    But part of it messes with your head a bit.

                    Because you can’t just choose that life overnight.

                    You can’t just cross your arms and nod your head like ‘I Dream Of Jeanie’ and poof, there it is.

                    Because you know it takes a lot of work to get to that point.  And while you love living it just for a day or two, you are reminded just how far away you are from it being your every day.  And I little bit of ‘I’m not good enough’ creeps in even though you know better.  Even though you know that’s not what it’s about.

                    But seeing your dream life up close – really close – is intense and magical and divine and lots of other words that I can’t articulate……  It’s like the universe is giving you a preview of your future.  Just enough to give you the courage to keep going.  And it has the most beautiful energy  to it that stays with you for weeks afterwards.

                    Got the chance to live your dream life in some way?

                    Coral xo

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